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During this time of economic strife virtually no industry has remained unscathed.  Traditional book publishing has moved away from seeking out the best and brightest literary talent and become more conservative in terms of advertisements and support for even the most successful writers of today.  The good news is this shift in our industry has brought forth a renewed entrepreneurial spirit in those of us who wish to strike out on our own and forge our own success one devoted reader at a time.  As someone who loves to write and has the "hustle" to make things happen for myself, I have decided to set sail for a new destination; one that allows my voice to speak without censure and create stories that challenge, entertain and educate those who find my work interesting and thought provoking.  I have a responsibility to be true to my craft exactly as it comes from me, and have embarked upon a journey unlike anything I have ever done before.  I have arrived at Another Shore, and am determined to become, as our motto clearly states, "The New Wave in Modern Fiction."    


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David T. Boyd

Another Shore Press, LLC specializes in Urban Noir and Mainstream Fiction.  Our goal is to provide the most imaginative and diverse stories while improving our business model to match the needs and demands of our readers.  At this time, Another Shore Press is not accepting submissions, but in the very near future we will continue to refine our processes to accommodate aspiring writers.  Please register with our mailing list or 'friend' us on Facebook or Twitter for the latest information.  During the Spring of 2012, notices of our first original releases will appear on this site.  


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